Birthdays in Sport for June 1983

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2nd - Christopher Higgins, American ice hockey player
4th - Emmanuel Eboué, Ivorian footballer
5th - Bill Bray, American baseball player
5th - Marques Colston, American football player
7th - Mark Lowe, American baseball player
8th - Kim Clijsters, Belgian tennis player
9th - Danny Richar, Dominican baseball player
11th - José Reyes, Dominican baseball player
11th - Chuck Hayes, American basketball player
12th - Bryan Habana, South African rugby player
12th - Christine Sinclair, Canadian soccer player
13th - Matt Allison, British racing driver
14th - John Stocco, American football player
15th - Derek Anderson, American football player
16th - Armend Dallku, Albanian footballer
20th - Darren Sproles, American football player
20th - Josh Childress, American basketball player
23rd - Brooks Laich, Canadian ice hockey player
27th - Dale Steyn, South African cricketer
30th - Marlin Jackson, American football player

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