Birthdays in Sport for December 1983

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2nd - Chris Burke (footballer), Scottish footballer plays for Rangers F.C.
2nd - Aaron Rodgers, American football player for Green Bay Packers
7th - Fausto Carmona, Dominican baseball player
8th - Neel Jani, Swiss racing driver
9th - Dariusz Dudka, Polish footballer
9th - Jermaine Beckford, English footballer
10th - Habib Mohamed, Ghanaian footballer
10th - Zé Kalanga, Angolan footballer
15th - Wang Hao, Chinese table tennis player
16th - Kelenna Azubuike, English basketball player
18th - Darren Carter, English footballer
19th - Matt Stajan, Canadian ice hockey player
20th - Darren Sammy, St. Lucian West Indies cricketer
23rd - Michael Chopra, English footballer
23rd - Hanley Ramírez, Dominican baseball player
27th - Cole Hamels, American baseball player

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