Birthdays in Sport for September 1983

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1st - José Antonio Reyes, Spanish footballer
2nd - Mark Foster, English rugby player
3rd - Augusto Farfus, Brazilian racing driver
3rd - Nicky Hunt, English footballer
3rd - Marcus McCauley, American football player
3rd - Valdas Vasylius, Lithuanian basketball player
4th - Tareq Aziz, Bangladeshi cricketer
5th - Eugen Bopp, Ukrainian-German footballer
5th - Pablo Granoche, Uruguayan footballer
7th - Philip Deignan, Irish cyclist
7th - Mehmet Topuz, Turkisher footballer
7th - Pops Mensah-Bonsu, British basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks
8th - Wali Lundy, American football player
8th - Diego Benaglio, Swiss-Italian footballer
8th - Chris Judd, Australian football player
8th - Lewis Roberts-Thompson, Australian football player
8th - Will Blalock, American basketball player
9th - Kyle Davies, American baseball player
9th - Edwin Jackson, Major League Baseball pitcher
9th - Sam Hollenbach, National Football League quarterback
9th - Cleveland Taylor, International footballer
11th - Jacoby Ellsbury, American baseball player
11th - Ike Diogu, American basketball player
12th - Daniel Muir, football player
15th - Luke Hochevar, American baseball player
16th - Kirsty Coventry, Zimbabwean Olympic swimmer
18th - Kevin Doyle, Irish footballer
19th - Joey Devine, American baseball player
19th - Charlie Haeger, American baseball player
20th - Ángel Sánchez, Puerto Rican baseball player
21st - Fernando Cavenaghi, Argentinian footballer
21st - Anna Meares, Australian cyclist
24th - Randy Foye, American basketball player
26th - Ricardo Quaresma, Portuguese footballer
28th - Stefan Moore, English footballer
30th - Andreea Răducan, Romanian gymnast

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