December 1926 in Sport

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Events in Sport

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4th - 14th CFL Grey Cup: Ottawa Senators defeats U of Toronto, 10-7
9th - USGA leagalizes steel shaft golf clubs
11th - Queensland win their 1st Sheffield Shield cricket match, v NSW
16th - Kenesaw Mountain Landis renewed 7-years as baseball commissioner
21st - Soccer team DOS Struggle forms
30th - Chicago Tribune reports the Tigers threw a 4-game series to the White Sox in 1917 to help Chicago win the pennant (never substaniated)

Birthdays in Sport

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7th - Victor Kermit Kiam II, CEO (Remington shavers)/NFL owner (Patriots)
13th - Carl Erskine, baseball player (Bkln Dodgers)
14th - Frank King, cricketer (WI fast bowler in 14 Tests in 50's, 29 wkts)
17th - Ray Jablonski, American baseball player (d. 1985)
19th - Bobby Layne, NFL QB (Detroit Lions)
21st - Joe Paterno, American football coach
24th - Ronald Draper, cricketer (South African batsman v Australia 1949-50)
28th - Donald Carr, cricketer (England player in 50's, later MCC honcho)

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