Birthdays in Sport for September 1985

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3rd - Scott Carson, English footballer
3rd - Kelvin Wilson, English footballer
5th - Ryan Guy, American soccer player
6th - Ali Ashfaq, Maldivian footballer
6th - Alberto Valerio, Brazilian racing driver
7th - Rafinha, Brazilian footballer
9th - Luka Modrić, Croatian footballer
9th - J.R. Smith, American basketball player
11th - Shaun Livingston, American basketball player
11th - Zack Stortini, Canadian ice hockey player
12th - Jack Wilkinson, English footballer
14th - Delmon Young, American baseball player
17th - Brendan Clarke, Irish Soccer Player with St. Patrick's Athletic
17th - Tomáš Berdych, Czech tennis player
17th - Mason Raymond, Canadian ice hockey player
22nd - Faris Haroun, Belgian footballer
23rd - Brian Brohm, American football player
23rd - Lukáš Kašpar, Czech ice hockey player
23rd - Hossein Ka'abi, Iranian footballer
23rd - Joba Chamberlain, American baseball player
29th - Calvin Johnson, American football player

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