Birthdays in Sport for December 1985

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2nd - Dorell Wright, American basketball player
3rd - Mike Randolph, American soccer player
3rd - Marcus Darrell Williams, American basketball player
4th - Andrew Brackman, American baseball player
4th - Carlos Gómez, Dominican baseball player
5th - Nico Verdonck, Belgian racing driver
5th - Josh Smith, American basketball player
6th - Rudra Pratap Singh, Indian Cricketer
8th - Dwight Howard, American basketball player
10th - T. J. Hensick, American ice hockey player
14th - Jakub Błaszczykowski, Polish footballer
14th - Julio Pimentel, Dominican baseball player
14th - Tom Smith, Welsh rugby union footballer
19th - Gary Cahill, English footballer
19th - Neil Kilkenny, English-born Australian footballer
23rd - Harry Judd, British drummer (McFly)
24th - David Ragan, American race car driver
27th - Paul Stastny, Canadian-American ice hockey player
30th - Lars Boom, Dutch cyclist

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