Birthdays in Sport for November 1977

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4th - Larry Bigbie, American baseball player
5th - Tuula Puputti, ice hockey goalie (Finland, Oly-98)
5th - Richard Wright, English footballer
8th - Nick Punto, American baseball player
10th - Matt Cepicky, American baseball player
11th - Maniche, Portuguese footballer
11th - Ben Hollioake, English cricketer (d. 2002)
12th - Benni McCarthy, South African footballer
16th - Oksana Baiul, Ukraine, figure skater (Olympic-gold-1994)
18th - Trent Barrett, Australian rugby league footballer
19th - Kerri Strug, Tucson Ariz, gymnast (Olympics-gold-96)
21st - Bruno Berner, Swiss footballer
21st - Jonas Jennings, American football player
22nd - Michael Preston, English footballer
23rd - Myriam Boileau, Canadian diver
23rd - Adam Eaton, American baseball player
25th - Guillermo Cañas, Argentine tennis player
25th - Marcus Marshall, Australian racing driver
26th - Ivan Basso, Italian bicyclist
26th - John Parrish, American baseball player
26th - Paris Lenon, American football player
28th - Fabio Grosso, Italian footballer
28th - Gavin Rae, Scottish footballer
28th - DeMya Walker, American basketball player
28th - Greg Somerville, New Zealand rugby union footballer
30th - Iván Guerrero, Honduran footballer
30th - Kazumi Saitoh, Japanese baseball player

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