Birthdays in Sport for September 1977

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1st - Raffaele Giammaria, Italian racing driver
1st - Aaron Schobel, American football player
1st - David Albelda, Spanish footballer
2nd - Frédéric Kanouté, Malian footballer
3rd - Rui Marques, Angolan footballer
3rd - Olof Mellberg, Swedish footballer
3rd - Nate Robertson, American baseball player
4th - Sun-Woo Kim, Korean Major League Baseball player
5th - Rosevelt Colvin, American football player
5th - Nazr Mohammed, American Basketball player
7th - Gianluca Grava, Italian footballer
7th - Jon Macken, British Footballer
8th - Maria Helena Selin, ice hockey right wing (Finland, Oly-98)
9th - Kyle Snyder, Major League Baseball pitcher
12th - Nathan Bracken, Australian cricketer
12th - David Thompson, English footballer
15th - Jason Terry, American basketball player
17th - Becky Turner, Marietta Ga, rhythmic gymnast (Olympics-96)
17th - Tony Goskowicz, Wauwautosa Wis, short track skater (Olympics-1994)
17th - Simone Perrotta, Italian football player
18th - Li Tie, Chinese footballer
19th - Akash Chopra, Indian cricketer
20th - Ruth Moniz, NSW Australia, gymnast (Olympics-96)
21st - Brian Tallet, American baseball player
22nd - Paul Sculthorpe, English rugby league footballer
23rd - Matthieu Descoteaux, Canadian ice hockey player
24th - Frank Fahrenhorst, German footballer
25th - Wil Nieves, Puerto Rican baseball player
27th - Andrus Värnik, Estonian javelin thrower
28th - Se Ri Pak, Korean golfer
29th - Wade Brookbank, Canadian ice hockey player
29th - Jake Westbrook, American baseball player
30th - Sun Jihai, Chinese footballer
30th - Roy Carroll, Northern Irish footballer

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