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3rd - Chris Evert defeats 15-year-old Monica Seles for her 101st & last US Tennis Open singles victory
4th - Beth Daniel wins LPGA Rail Charity Golf Classic
5th - Chris Evert last US Open match, she is defeated by Zina Garrison
8th - George Brett gets his 2,500th hit
9th - 103rd US Womens Tennis Open: Steffi Graf beats M Navratilova (3-6 7-5 6-1)
10th - 109th US Mens Tennis: Boris Becker beats Ivan Lendl (76 16 63 76)
10th - Muffin Spencer-Devlin wins LPGA Cellular One-Ping Golf Championship
10th - Deion Sanders returns a punt 68 yards for a touchdown
13th - Fay Vincent elected baseball's 8th commissioner
14th - Calgary Flames become 1st NHL team to play in USSR, win 4-2
17th - Beth Daniel wins LPGA SAFECO Golf Classic
17th - NYC court of appeals overturns lower court decision & returns America's Cup back to US (from NZ)
19th - Appeals court restores America's Cup to US after NY Supreme Court gave it to NZ (NZ protested US's use of a catamaran)
23rd - Blue Jays bat out of order against Brewers in 6th inning
24th - 28th Ryder Cup: US & Europe draw, 14-14 at The Belfry, England
24th - Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Nippon Travel-MBS Golf Classic
30th - Nolan Ryan's perfect game broken in 8th, but gets his 300th strikeout
30th - Toronto Blue Jays wins AL East title

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