Birthdays in Sport for September 1982

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1st - Paul Dumbrell, Australian racing driver
1st - Ryan Gomes, American basketball player
1st - Jeffrey Buttle, Canadian figure skater
2nd - Joey Barton, English footballer
2nd - Jason Hammel, American baseball player
5th - Alexandre Geijo, Spanish/Swiss footballer
7th - Andre Dirrell, American boxer
13th - Nenê, Brazilian basketball player
13th - Rickie Weeks, American baseball player
13th - Miha Zupan, Slovenian basketball player
16th - Leon Knight, English footballer
17th - Garth Murray, Canadian ice hockey player
19th - Eleni Daniilidou, Greek tennis player
19th - Jordan Parise, American ice hockey player
21st - Eduardo Azevedo, Brazilian racing driver
21st - Marat Izmailov, Russian footballer
21st - Rowan Vine, English footballer
24th - Morgan Hamm, American gymnast
24th - Paul Hamm, American gymnast
24th - Jeff Karstens, American baseball player
26th - Miguel Alfredo Portillo, Argentine footballer
26th - Rob Burrow, English rugby league player
27th - Darrent Williams, American football player (d. 2007)
28th - Anderson Varejão, Brazilian basketball player
28th - Abhinav Bindra, Indian shooter
28th - Emeka Okafor, American basketball player

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