Birthdays in Sport for Year 1971 (Part 5)

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Aug 15th - Perry Carter, NFL cornerback (KC Chiefs)
Aug 16th - Nigel Williams, CFL receiver (Montreal Alouettes)
Aug 16th - Troy Alexander, CFL defensive tackle (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
Aug 16th - Willie Jackson, NFL wide receiver (Jacksonville Jaguars)
Aug 16th - Stefan Klos, German footballer
Aug 17th - Jorge Posada, Puerto Rican baseball player
Aug 18th - Jonathan David Winter, Wellington NZ, 100m backstroker (Olympics-96)
Aug 18th - Kevin Bouie, NFL running back (Philadelphia Eagles, Ariz Cardinals)
Aug 19th - Mary Joe Fernandez, Dom Rep, US tennis star (Olympics-gold-96)
Aug 19th - João Vieira Pinto, Portuguese football player
Aug 20th - Bernard Whittington, defensive end (Indianapolis Colts)
Aug 20th - Brett Bech, wide receiver (New Orleans Saints)
Aug 20th - Kevin Hickman, NFL tight end (Detroit Lions)
Aug 20th - Oronde Gadsden, NFL wide receiver (Dallas Cowboys)
Aug 20th - Steve Stone, English footballer
Aug 21st - Shayne Edge, NFL/WLAF punter (Steelers, Barcelona Dragons)
Aug 22nd - Bernard Carter, NFL/WLAF linebacker (Jaguars, Frankfurt Galaxy)
Aug 23rd - Hugh Douglas, NFL defensive end (NY Jets)
Aug 23rd - Demetrio Albertini, Italian footballer
Aug 25th - Michael Chack, Toms River NJ, figure skater (1997 Pac Coast Sr champ)
Aug 26th - Jocelyn Borgella, NFL cornerback (Detroit Lions)
Aug 26th - Sharon Tina Jenkins, Auckland NZ, badminton player (Olympics-96)
Aug 27th - Ernest Faber, soccer player (PSV)
Aug 27th - Jim Flanigan, NFL defensive tackle (Chic Bears)
Aug 28th - Olaf Sheep, soccer player (Dordrecht '90, NAC)
Aug 28th - Raul Marquez, Mexico, US boxer (Olympic-92)
Aug 28th - Todd Eldredge, Chatham Mass, figure skater (1997 National Sr champ)
Aug 29th - Dennis de Brown, soccer player (Sparta)
Aug 29th - Henry Blanco, Venezuelan baseball player
Aug 30th - Aubrey Beavers, NFL/WLAF linebacker (Miami Dolphins, Rhein Fire)
Aug 30th - Joseph Fitzgerald, Brooklyn New York, American team handball center back (Olympics-1996)
Aug 30th - Tre Johnson, NFL guard (Washington Redskins)
Aug 31st - Greg Jefferson, NFL defensive end (Philadelphia Eagles)
Aug 31st - Mike Caldwell, NFL linebacker (Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals)
Aug 31st - Pádraig Harrington, Irish golfer
Sep 1st - Gabe Wilkins, NFL defensive end (GB Packers-Super Bowl 31)
Sep 1st - Hakan Şükür, Turkish footballer
Sep 2nd - Rich Aurilia, Brooklyn NY, infielder (SF Giants)
Sep 2nd - Tommy Maddox, NFL quarterback (NY Giants)
Sep 2nd - Tom Steels, Belgian cyclist
Sep 3rd - Glen Housman, Rockhampton QLD Aust, swimmer (Olympics-silv-92, 96)
Sep 4th - Brian Storey, Richmond BC, 470 yachter (Olympics-96)
Sep 4th - John Thierry, NFL defensive end (Chic Bears)
Sep 4th - Monty Grow, NFL safety (Jacksonville Jaguars)
Sep 4th - Tyrone Johnson, NFL wide receiver (Atlanta Falcons)
Sep 4th - Maik Taylor, Northern Irish footballer
Sep 5th - Carlester Crumpler, NFL tight end (Seattle Seahawks)
Sep 5th - Kim Maher, Saigon Vietnam, US softball infielder (Olympics-gold-96)
Sep 5th - Adam Hollioake, England cricketer
Sep 6th - Anthony Goldwire, NBA guard (Denver Nuggets)
Sep 6th - Devang Gandhi, Indian Cricketer
Sep 7th - Briana Scurry, Minneapolis MN, soccer goalkeeper (Olympics-96)
Sep 7th - John Burke, NFL tight end (NE Patriots)>>
Sep 7th - Tonny Jensen, Australian basketball guard (Olympics-96)
Sep 7th - Wesley Leasy, NFL linebacker (Arizona Cardinals)
Sep 8th - David Merritt, NFL outside linebacker (Arizona Cardinals)
Sep 8th - Greg Minor, NBA guard (Boston Celtics)
Sep 9th - Jill Sudduth, Balt MD, synchronized swimmer (Olympics-gold-96)
Sep 10th - Brandon Harrison, NFL wide receiver (San Diego Chargers)
Sep 10th - Brian Earley, Fresno California, diver (Olympics-96)
Sep 10th - Chris Oeding, Santa Ana California, water polo driver (Olympics-96)
Sep 11th - Mack Strong, NFL fullback (Seattle Seahawks)
Sep 11th - Todd Norman, NFL guard (Seattle Seahawks)
Sep 11th - Shelton Quarles, American football player
Sep 12th - Terry Dehere, NBA guard (Sacramento Kings)
Sep 13th - Goran Ivanisevic, Croatia, tennis star (1991, 1994, 1998 Wimbledon finalist; 2001 wildcard Wimbledon winner)
Sep 13th - Richie Anderson, NFL running back (NY Jets)
Sep 13th - Ted Drury, Boston Mass, US hockey forward (Olympics-1994)
Sep 14th - Jonathan "Adam" Holland, Philadelphia, rower (Olympics-1996)
Sep 14th - Mario Henry, NFL wide receiver (Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons)
Sep 15th - Chad Bratzke, NFL defensive end (NY Giants)
Sep 15th - Myron Bell, NFL safety (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Sep 15th - Wayne Ferreira, Johannesburg South Africa, tennis star (Munich 1995)
Sep 15th - Will Shields, NFL guard (KC Chiefs)
Sep 16th - Derrell Mitchell, NFL/CFL wide receiver (Atlanta Falcons, Argonauts)
Sep 17th - David Hynes, Australian baseball outfielder (Olympics-1996)
Sep 17th - Octus Polk, NFL guard (Chic Bears)
Sep 17th - Paul Janssen, soccer player (Fortuna S, NAC)
Sep 18th - Kate Starre, Armadale Australia, field hockey utility (Olympics-96)
Professional Road Cyclist and Testicular Cancer Survivor Lance ArmstrongProfessional Road Cyclist and Testicular Cancer Survivor Lance Armstrong (Sep 18th) Sep 18th - Lance Armstrong, Plano Texas, American road cyclist (7 Tour de France wins) barred from sport for using banned drugs
Sep 18th - Oleg Ladik, Kiev Ukraine, Canadian 100 kg freestyle wrestler (Oly-96)
Sep 18th - Ron Childs, NFL linebacker (NO Saints)
Sep 19th - Colleen Coyne, ice hockey defenseman (USA, Oly-98)
Sep 19th - Jeremy Nunley, NFL defensive tackle/defensive end (Houston Oilers)
Sep 20th - Andrew Lane, Australian rower (Olympics-96)
Sep 20th - Henryk Larsson, soccer player (Feyenoord)
Sep 20th - Jenny Murdock, LPGA golfer
Sep 20th - Ryan Terry, NFL running back/kick returner (Arizona Cardinals)
Sep 21st - John Crawley, English cricketer
Sep 22nd - Christian Fauria, NFL tight end (Seattle Seahawks)
Sep 22nd - Ian Van Der Wal, Darwin Australia, swimmer (Olympics-96)
Sep 23rd - Eric Montross, NBA center (Detroit Pistons)
Sep 23rd - Marcel Boudesteyn, soccer player (Excelsior/FC Groningen)
Sep 23rd - Osamu Nishimura, wrestler (NJPW)
Sep 23rd - Willie Greene, Milledgville GA, infielder (Cin Reds)
Sep 25th - John Lynch, NFL safety (Tampa Bay Bucs)
Sep 25th - Tony Harrison, WLAF receiver (Frankfurt Galaxy)
Sep 26th - Patterson Thompson, cricketer (WI Test fast bowler v New Zealand 1996)
Sep 27th - Alonzo Spellman, NFL defensive end (Chic Bears)
Sep 27th - Erik Smit, Dutch soccer player (FC Utrecht)
Sep 27th - Ron Florine, NFL/WLAF tackle (KC Chiefs, Scotland Claymores)
Sep 28th - Chad May, NFL/WLAF quarterback (Minnesota Vikings, Frankfurt Galaxy)
Sep 28th - David Weightman, Australian rower (Olympics-96)
Sep 28th - Janet Evans, swimmer (Olympics)
Sep 28th - Marcus Spears, NFL/WLAF guard/tackle (Chic Bears, Amsterdam Admirals)
Sep 28th - Matthew Elliott, cricketer (Australian Test opening batsman v WI 1996)
Sep 28th - Alan Wright, English footballer
Sep 29th - Adrion Smith, CFL cornerback (Toronto Argonauts)
Sep 29th - Derrick Davis, WLAF cornerback (Amsterdam Admirals)
Sep 29th - Donald Smith, CFL cornerback (Toronto Argonauts)
Sep 29th - Jay Kearney, WLAF receiver (Frankfurt Galaxy)
Sep 29th - Ray Buchanan, NFL center (Indianapolis Colts)
Sep 30th - Brentson Buckner, NFL defensive end (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Sep 30th - Ron Collins, WLAF tackle (Frankfurt Galaxy)
Oct 1st - Amp Lee, NFL running back (Minnesota Vikings, St Louis Rams)
Oct 1st - Melinda Gainsford, Australian 100m/200m (Olympics-92, 96)
Oct 2nd - Jair Lynch, Amherst Mass, gymnast (Olympics-silver-96)
Oct 2nd - Steve McLaughlin, NFL kicker (Atlanta Falcons)
Oct 3rd - Reggie Givens, CFL linebacker (Toronto Argonauts)
Oct 3rd - Wil Cordero, baseball player
Oct 4th - Corey Sawyer, NFL cornerback (Cin Bengals)
Oct 5th - Chad Lewis, tight end (Philadelphia Eagles)
Oct 5th - Chris Whitney, NBA guard (Wash Wizards)
Oct 5th - Dan Plante, Hayward, NHL right wing (NY Islanders)
Oct 5th - Mauricio Pellegrino, Argentine former footballer
Oct 6th - Chris Hudson, NFL strong safety (Jacksonville Jaguars)
Oct 6th - Phil Bennett, British racing driver
Oct 6th - Alan Stubbs, English footballer
Oct 7th - Dexter Dawson, CFL receiver (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
Oct 7th - Johnnie Morton, NFL wide receiver (Detroit Lions)
Oct 7th - Paul Hannam, Vancouver BC, 470 yachter (Olympics-96)
Oct 8th - Jim Hanna, WLAF defensive tackle (Amsterdam Admirals)
Oct 8th - Monty Williams, NBA forward/guard (San Antonio Spurs)
Oct 8th - Nate Miller, NFL/WLAF guard (Frankfurt Galaxy, Atlanta Falcons)
Oct 8th - Terry Richardson, WLAF running back (Rhein Fire)
Oct 8th - Val St germain, CFL tackle (Hamilton Tiger Cats)
Oct 9th - Pete Mitchell, NFL tight end (Jacksonville Jaguars)
Oct 10th - Bryn Parry, Vancouver BC, Canadian Tour golfer (1994 BC Amateur-2nd)
Oct 10th - Corey Louchiey, NFL offensive tackle (Buffalo Bills)
Oct 10th - Ian Bennett, English footballer
Oct 11th - Chann McRae, Albany Ga, cyclist (Olympics-96)
Oct 12th - Bronzel Miller, WLAF linebacker (Amsterdam Admirals)
Oct 12th - Tony Fiore, American baseball player
Oct 13th - Hitesh Modi, cricketer (Kenyan left-handed batsman 1996 World Cup)
Oct 13th - Irv Smith, NFL tight end (NO Saints)
Oct 13th - Jay Williams, defensive end (St Louis Rams)
Oct 13th - Sean O'Donnell, Ottawa, NHL defenseman (LA Kings)
Oct 14th - Derrick Rodgers, linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
Oct 14th - Frank Wycheck, NFL tight end (Houston/Tennessee Oilers)
Oct 14th - Jorge Costa, Portuguese footballer

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