Birthdays in Sport for September 1948

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2nd - Terry Bradshaw, NFL QB (Pittsburgh Steelers)/announcer (CBS, FOX)
3rd - Ronald W Harris, Canton Oh, lightweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1968)
8th - Great Kabuki, [Akihisa Yone Yoshi Mera], wrestler (NWA/NJPW/WAR/SWS)
8th - Kathy Hite-James, LPGA golfer
10th - Bob Lanier, NBA center (Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks)
10th - Bob Lanier, American basketball player
10th - Charlie Waters, American football player
12th - Max Walker, Australian Cricket player
15th - Suzyn Waldman, American Sportscaster
16th - Rosemary Casals, tennis doubles (5X Wimbledon), born in San Francisco, California
18th - Ken Brett, American baseball player (d. 2003)
19th - Nadezhda Tkachenko, USSR, pentathlete (Olympic-gold-1980)
21st - Michael Finneran, diver (1st perfect 10 on 10m platform)
28th - Marielle Goitschel, France, slalom (Olympic-gold-1968) [or 1945]
29th - Bryant Gumbel, sportscaster/TV host (Today Show), born in New Orleans, Louisiana
29th - Viktor Krovopouskov, USSR, sabres/fencer (Olympic gold, individual and team, 1976, 1980)
30th - Craig Kusick, former Major League Baseball Player

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